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Nothing But The Truth

Psalm 131:1-2

"O Lord, my heart is not proud, nor my eyes haughty; nor do I involve myself in great matters, or in things too difficult for me. Surely I have composed and quieted my soul; like a weaned child rests against his mother, my soul is like a weaned child within me.”

God is our Warrior and our Commander. He goes before us in the most graceful, selfless way. We are not required to involve ourselves in “great matters” for those belong to Him. We are not asked to strain or stress our fragile frames because that which is bigger than us, God conquers. The moments that try to bring us down are within the reach an focus of Him. He is our Interceder, our Between, our Rescuer.

With God on our side, we never have to do it on our own. He is our Accomplice, our Protector, our Almighty Victor.

A quiet soul. Now, that I something to be treasured. When we take the time to be still an quiet our inner-selves, God sees and appreciates. Being composed opens our ears, minds, spirits and hearts to the gentle whispers of our Father.

Quieting the world around us and giving our attention to The King is beyond humbling. Everything fades away and we are left with Him. All the earthly things that reign over our lives disappear and He is the only One on the throne. Considering all that God and His son have done for humanity, we should always be on our knees in admiration.

In the times when the soul refuses to quiet, close your eyes, open your heart and welcome His spirit. He will never let you down.

Truth Written By: Nikki Michelle


all but a concept,

an instrument

that defines the constant.

somewhere in this infinite,

we thought of time as progress.

each passing increment,

a moment closer to that promise,

an evolution far more intricate.

will we ever start being honest,

stop believing we’re made innocent?

time is but an august,

brutally dissonant,

hidden harmony in it’s pocket.

when we let go of our ignorance,

at last we see the profit.

time may only be an appearance,

the outcome to the product.

authentic, it stands, naked in brilliance

now a song almost melodic.

a character of resilience,

where one may lose all logic,

and just simply be in existence.

Written By: Nikki Michelle

mysterious bird, what makes you feel free?

is it the way you ascend and descend through the cloud-filled sky?

or is it the way no place ties you down?

nothing ties you down.

could it be the incredible views you have the privilege of seeing miles and miles into the heavens?

is it the way you sit at the very point of a pine tree?

maybe its the feeling of the wind under your wings and in-between your feathers.

defying gravity.

i think its your perspective.

the way you see the world.

its unlike anyone else’s.

its unique.

and i can only imagine… breathtaking.

what i would give to be a bird, even just for a day.

the feeling of absolute freedom.

but… maybe in ways i am already a bird.

my spirit, free and open to the wind.

my courage, to fly anywhere, exploring endlessly.

i believe it now.

i am most definitely a bird.

it just takes a little courage and a fearless heart to spread your wings and let go…

Written By: Nikki Michelle

One week away. I’m nervous, excited and ready… but not ready all at the same time. Moving to a new place means change, but in this case I have a strong feeling this change will bring much good. I have the chance to create an entire new life for myself. Any opportunity for second chances I see as a sweet blessing. Now, this is not to be taken the wrong way. I know who I am and I’m not escaping my life in Phoenix but this new chapter, this adventure, will shape me in ways I can’t even begin to imagine.

I find myself laying awake, deep in thought and insomnia… How am I going to make ends meet? I can only hope I won’t starve. Will one job be enough? Now, what about this snow, is it brutal? I’m probably going to freeze to death. LAYERS. If I were to plant a peach seed, would it make it up there? I’m sure I will find some way to kill it all on my own. (Not the best green thumb.) Can I really live without Meemer for two years? Not likely. Is he going to be okay down here? I can only pray, don’t hate me Meemer cat. I am going to bike EVERYWHERE. What’s a car? Okay, okay I probably won’t be biking 10 miles to get to work or the store. Will my car turn into a mountain of snow? What on earth do I do in that case? SNOW DAY! I’ve always dreamed of one of those. Pathetic. Will I meet my life-long friends? Will I stay longer than planned? Patience. Some day these questions will be answered… hopefully.

Even with all these worries and snow-balling questions, I have high expectations for you Flag. I trust that you will bring great joy and abundant fulfillment. Adventure awaits around every corner. I cannot wait to come face to face with it.

My Goals: To become a stronger woman, confident in all that I am. To gain healthy, true and long-lasting relationships. To always step out of my comfort zone and go after the unthinkable. To find a Christian congregation to belong to and not only on Sundays. Most of all, to take advantage of every opportunity that crosses my path.

I am determined to absorb everything I learn both in school and daily life and retain it. From here, I will carry it all with me into the destiny my God holds for my future. This will be one crazy, fun, experimental journey. How inspiring..

Flagstaff, give me all you’ve got. I am ready.

With love,


God is gracious. He is a natural at selflessness and a master at humility. He never asks for much in return for all the gifts and immeasurable blessings He bestows.

When reading Psalm 103, my mind could not get over the word, ‘lovingkindness.’ This word holds a mysterious power with a definition that is never fully understood. I believe it’s a word attached with several connotative definitions. Where each individual holds their own unique image of what lovingkindness looks like. Take a moment and think about your image.

"The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in lovingkindness,” verse 8.

Let me express and share with you my image.

Lovingkindness is emotional. It is mindful. It seeks after it’s receiver. It is all the more real and tangible in more ways than one. Lovingkindness is tender. It only pursues a path that is gentle and understanding. Mercy. Mercy is at it’s very core. Although it is undeserved, through the eyes of mercy, it is freely given. Lovingkindness is persistent. It is a lifestyle, a behavior, an unforgotten habit. It is unconditional. It flows and overflows, completely covering all guilt and shame. It’s unconditional mercy, comforts all. Lovingkindness is the very nature of loving with nothing in return. It is selfless. It is generous. Ultimately, it is a deeper form of unconditional love and our Father abounds in it, lovingkindness.

Psalm 103:15-17

"As for man, his days are like grass; as a flower of the field, so he flourishes. When the wind has passed over it, it is no more, and its place acknowledges it no longer. But the lovingkindness of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear Him.”

Lovingkindness is one of my favorite words. Although, a quality difficult to obtain in our humanly form, it runs in our blood. It lives in us because the Definition of lovingkindness, the One who created it, created us. We are His very image.

We just need to practice channeling our God-given lovingkindness.

Truth Written By: Nikki Michelle

Written by David, this Psalm compares and contrasts the righteous and the wicked.

From the beginning, David tells us not to get worked up over those who seek after their own will and get their way. He tells us not to envy them because their efforts and earthly treasures will perish like that of the grass. He goes on to say trusting in the Lord and dwelling in His land will harvest faithfulness.

My utmost personal favorite and life motto is verse four.

"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."

Whenever I find myself drifting ever so slightly into pursuing my will, I whisper this scripture to myself. I remember that by giving my life to Christ, all good things come in His timing and His nature. We can chase that which we desire and believe we have found it but the truth is, God only wants us chasing Him.

David continues on and says to commit our plans to the Lord and to wait patiently in the process. Reminding us once again, David says not to pay attention to the earthly success of the wicked. Following this in verse nine he mentions an inheritance of land among the patient.

"But those who wait for the Lord, they will inherit the land."

Throughout the remainder of the Psalm, David speaks of this inheritance repeatedly. He characterizes the righteous as humble, gracious, generous, wise and fair.

"But the righteous is gracious and gives." (Verse 21)

"The mouth of the righteous utters wisdom, and his tongue speaks justice." (Verse 30)

"The law of God is in his heart; his steps do not slip." (Verse 31)

Striving to be righteous should be on our top list of priorities and we must do all in our power to get there. It may go against the grain of the world but ultimately it is the direction that leads to eternity.

David’s underlying command for this passage is found in verse 27.

"Depart from evil and do good, so you will abide forever.”

From separating yourself from evil, David says the Lord loves justice and does not forsake His people. “They are preserved forever.” (Verse 28)

Expanding on this in greater depth, David goes on to speak of future generations, or “posterity”. David says, “the man of peace will have a posterity. But transgressors will be altogether destroyed; the posterity of the wicked will be cut off.” (Verse 37-38)

David is telling us that God’s people will be exalted and maintained, while those living for themselves will be extinguished. The Lord looks out for His people and resting in that reassurance we should have a passion and a desire to go after God with all that we are.

Because we take refuge in Him, (Verse 40) He delivers us in times of trouble. He is our strength and our source. Chase Him and only Him. Strive to be righteous and keep your face turned toward heaven. Build up your posterity. Most importantly, flee from evil and cling to the good. That is God’s will for our lives.

Truth Written By: Nikki Michelle

"Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

For consider Him who has endured such hostility by sinners against Himself, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.” ~ Hebrews 12:1-3

Take a moment, read this again and really listen to all that it is communicating.

It tells us to lay aside all burdensome, useless things and to turn away from the trap of sin. This first verse transitions from earthly, hopeless motives to a Christ-driven focused life.

To run with endurance means to have the ability or strength to continue or last. Despite hardship, stress or fatigue it is the quality of lasting power.

What is this race that is set before us? Its life. The Christian life. It is filled with trials and hardships because it is a life headed in the opposite direction compared to that of the world. It is guaranteed it will not be an easy race, which is why it takes one of endurance and stamina.

Verse two mentions how we ought to fix our attention upon Christ. If we run the race of life with our own endurance, the reality is we will eventually stumble and fall in exhausted defeat. A life ran with Jesus as the goal, the finish line, is one that cannot be tripped or discouraged. Sure it will come with trials, pain and fatigue but with Jesus as the source, the author, He perfects our faith when it is on the verge of losing. He picks us up, carries us within His comforting arms, and runs the race for us.

He endured the shame and pain of the cross so that our race could end in victory. This verse reminds us to never forget that immeasurable favor and act of perfect love.

To run a race full of purpose and direction our eyes must first be set upon the One who already won it for us. Simply, we must follow in His footsteps and rely upon Him to come to our rescue when our human endurance wears thin. He is our finish line. Our goal, to one day look upon His gentle face and hear those sweet words from His lips, “Well done, my good and faithful servant…” (Matthew 25:21)


Truth Written By: Nikki Michelle


In these moments I am free.

   no one to answer to

   no where to rush to

In these moments I am ignited.

   my passions burning bright

   inspired to write

In these moments I am satisfied.

   my heart’s content

   wanting nothing but the present

In these moments I am living.

   connected to creation

   overflowing with expression

In these moments I am real.

   away from judgment

   in my personal element

In these moments I am vulnerable.

   exposed emotionally

   laying here openly

In these moments I am still.

   soaking in the rays

   warmth scattering in my veins

In these moments I am lost.

   roaming thoughts of nothing-ness

   eyes drifting into the cloud-filled abyss

In these moments I am revived.

   perspectives shift

   life’s a gift

Written By: Nikki Michelle


















  The way













The world.

  Jesus Christ

Truth Written By: Nikki Michelle

The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, to the person who seeks Him.” ~ Lamentations 3:25

Impatience. It is one of the greatest faults of human nature. It causes us to act out and pursue the things we believe we desire. Ultimately, leading us down the completely wrong path.

Acting out of impatience is ignoring all that God has promised. It’s like telling God, “Alright You aren’t coming through for me, so I am going to try it on my own.” Then your sad attempt at finding your happiness begins.

Settling for less starts to be your usual. You tell yourself its exactly what your heart desires. The trumpets sound off, beginning the war within your head. There is a part of you that knows this is the path-to-nowhere and the other continues to make excuses for this behavior.

That’s the battle between your spirit and your flesh. With this controversy raging inside you, so does the stress and the guilt. In all honesty, it eats you alive. Breaking you down and wearing you out until you can no longer feel.

It’s human nature to be at balance with oneself. When actions aren’t parallel with beliefs, imbalance occurs. This imbalance is unhealthy. It messes you up and forces you to deny who you really are.

Eventually, your war with yourself comes to an end. You are spiritually and physically worn out. You must decide who the victorious one will be. The spirit or the flesh. Your decision will reflect which is more important to you.

All that turmoil was birthed from the first sign of impatience. It’s deceiving in nature and only reeks havoc. Sometimes we think we know better than God, we do all in our weak power to prove it to Him.

Once we’ve tried, we come back to Him with tear-filled eyes and a sincere heart saying, “Lord, I am so sorry. I had no clue what I was doing.”

Gracefully, He embraces us with His forgiveness and places us back into His all-perfect will. So undeserving are we of this unconditional love. Countless times we fall short, but every time His mercy meets us.

Impatience reaps unfulfilling purpose. Waiting for the Lord reaps earthly and eternal happiness and contentment.

When you have patience with His timing, you are guaranteeing yourself the very best in life. God ONLY gives His greatest blessings. Wait for Him.

Truth Written By: Nikki Michelle

Photo By: Nikki Michelle

you awaken me.

the existence of your presence livens me.

the reason behind my shivering spine, textured skin is you.

the atmosphere you define impacts me beyond measure.

you control me.

the power of your influence lingers.

the length of your lifetime is limited but predictable

the moment you go away, hearts long after you.

the knowledge of your return gives hope,

until next season, I bid you farewell…


Written By: Nikki Michelle

When you look at life from a by-stander perspective you see things differently. You realize that life is so delicate and people are so beautiful. Those we share this earth with are absolutely incredible in their simplicity.

`Those little things that people do that normally irritate you, begin to turn into a recognition of yourself. You begin to see the good in people and the way their smiles bring light into the world. Everyone on this earth is striving for one thing… to live each day to the fullest.

The elderly couple sitting motionless under the safety of the umbrella/ The little girl, hair dripping, pink tutu swaying, running fearlessly through the water/ The group of giggly girls anxiously waiting to surprise their friend for her birthday/ The brothers making a game out of nothing but creativity and boredom

They all have one thing in common. They are alive. They are basking in the blessing of a beating heart.

When you take a step back and truly look at people at their simplest form, they are precious. Human beings are beautiful. The energy that radiates from them is incomparable. The passion in their eyes reflects the way they see their world. Each reflected passion is very different and beautiful in that variance.

Sometimes you need to go outside of yourself to see people for all that they are, to see those simple reactions and emotions. People express so much of themselves unintentionally. Those expressions are true, honest and remarkable.

Look at people in a different perspective. We are all striving for one goal. To live.

Written By: Nikki Michelle

A trial is like a tunnel. When you first enter into it, all you see in front of you is darkness. You linger towards the entrance, hoping the light from behind you will eventually call you back. Your fear is so great that instead of having your back towards the entrance of that tunnel, it’s facing your exit. You are afraid to let it go. You are afraid to move on. You are afraid to turn your back on the entrance.

Then something happens within you and you realize that you have been stagnant. Going absolutely nowhere. You spin around 180 degrees and you don’t look back. You take that first step deeper into the unknown. The tunnel gets darker as you walk further away from the light the entrance gives.

After continuing on for what seems like a lifetime in the darkness, you catch a glimpse of sunlight. Although its faint, its not hard to make out. That knowledge that the light is within sight, brings you hope. It resembles a blessing and a sense of peace. Knowing there is a way out brings you an ounce of positivity.

This spec of light is what drives you and motivates you to press on. As you keep moving forward, the strength and brilliance of the light gets much more definite. Compared to when you first laid eyes on it, the end feels much closer. Your focus on the goodness of the light, fades out what is in the past. The entrance.

What was light before has now turned to darkness and what was dark to begin with is now illuminated. The past is hidden within the blackness and the future is in the spotlight. You then stop. You look back. You see only emptiness. You don’t feel regret for moving towards the light. You realize that what is at the end of the tunnel is more promising that what remains at the beginning. You turn your head back. You step forward. You smile. Your heart knows that this light your chasing is the will of God.

You continue your journey through the tunnel as the end draws nearer. Things become clearer as your vision readjusts to the light the exit provides. You become more hopeful. Not only that, but you are overwhelmed with excitement. Excitement for what’s waiting on the other end. You feel content because of the trust you have placed in God. The thought that’s what’s at the end is God’s destiny brings you joy. This joy is inextinguishable. The fact that God has something far better than what you left behind inspires you.

Although you haven’t quite made it to the end of the tunnel just yet, the more light, the more vision gained. It all starts to make sense. This tunnel was built by the hands of God. To keep you on the right path, to direct you to Him, and to show you that He knows what’s best.

God is a tunnel builder. Fortunately, He is also the guide through the tunnel. He directs your steps when you cannot see in the darkness and fills you with hope to make it to the end.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. It is the light of God’s blessings and promises. It is your destiny.

Truth Written By: Nikki Michelle

"The One who began a good work in you will carry it on until it is completed.” Philippians 1:6

  When you first accepted God into your life and turned your eyes towards Him, He began something in you. Something good, something that sparked your interest in Him. A spark that turned into a flame, which progressed into a fire. When that spark was ignited, you were curious and dedicated to knowing Him. You nurtured that spark through scripture and intimate time with the One. Slowly, that spark grew into a flame. Your curiosity transformed into knowledge of who He is and your dedication to knowing Him greatened. You fueled that flame through sharing your faith with others and continuous conversation with the One you now call Father. Then suddenly, that flame burst into a full-fledged fire within you. It could not be extinguished, you were on fire for your Savior and your Guide.

  This was all possible because He started this goodness inside you through that small spark. When you look back at it now, He kept this promise. You feel the fire deep in your soul, realizing that God carried on that good work. Not only will God continue to kindle your fire through revealing Himself, He will challenge you to grow. He desires a long-lasting relationship with you. He wants you to rely on Him in all circumstances. His determination will encourage you to keep your fire burning passionately. This good work He began within you was not meant to be temporary. The spark that developed into a fire is your heart for God. He will continue to reveal Himself to you as long as you tend to your fire. This good work ignited in you will continue to be perfected until that day comes when you enter into eternity. That is His promise to you. Keep yours to Him. Keep your fire burning.

Truth Written By: Nikki Michelle


Nikki Michelle.

College student. On the brink of 21. Writer. Lover of photography. Aspiring journalist. Obsessive Cat Disorder.

I live for my Lord and Savior and hope to one day write for His glory.

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